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The co-founders of Filamen, Abdul Shakir & Fariz Hanapiah are the mastermind behind this idea of Digital Art Gallery. 


Fariz is a multidisciplinary artist with more than 10 years of experience in projection mapping, interactive installation, augmented reality and virtual reality, while Shakir has been actively involved in new media art and various projection mapping projects that ranged from local events to international series of events. This enables Filamen to navigate itself as a form of new media collective that provides mediums for emerging artists to explore their work with technology.


Farhan, an experienced electrical engineer that delves into art making, came into the picture to help elevate production of each project and installation. 


The direction of certain exhibitions are supported by NWCN (with Nabilla Wardhana, Coune and Lalune) who have had experience designing, managing and curating new media art-related exhibitions and events.

The team also welcomes collaboration with curators, artists and organisers who share the interest in expanding digital art initiatives.