Digital Art Gallery


Digital Art Gallery ( D.A.G ) is a space equipped with facilities and resources for digital art exhibition.

D.A.G will serve as a venue for digital artist to showcase their work, curated by Filamen and other selected curators. This gallery is a joint effort of Filamen and also KEDAI KL in providing a platform for digital and new media artists to exhibit and produce their own show, without worrying on the hassle of technical setups.
Future of Gallery

We are looking at the future of galleries and museums as an experiential exhibition spaces that could allow audiences to be more involved with the exhibits.

Embracing Digital Art

Digital Art

As of date, there are yet to be a gallery that are designed specifically for digital artists. The existing galleries are only catered for visual artists who make paintings and sculptures.

Thus the idea of having this digital art space is to open up new possibilities for new young talents who would want to explore art-making in digital world. 

D.A.G will provide support on the technicality aspects of the exhibited show and also, promoting them to the audience.

Curated Art Show

The space will be occupied with curated art show every month. This will provide a platform for young digital artists to exhibit their work. The entrance fees will be discussed with the artist and all collected fees will go back to the space, organizer and also artist. Exhibition duration for each artist will vary from one week to one month.

Digital Art Space Rental

The space is open to individuals, organisations or companies for rent. It is suitable for small scale music video shooting production, product launches and live streaming. Each rental include utilities, equipment and also on ground personnel to help with all technicalities. All projected content could be customized to suit events or production to immerse event attendees with unforgettable new experiences.

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